Travelling back to the best days ever.

If you had the chance to go back to an age and place where you were happiest, where would you go? How does it make you feel thinking back to that time? Is it a good feeling, a sad feeling, mixed feelings?

Well, last week I hopped on that time machine and visited places, family and friends some of which I had not seen for over twelve years. This included my best old school friend who had moved to New Zealand, two Aunties whom I hadn’t seen for two decades, my old university house mates from 1997, and my old dance team and festival friends from my teenage years. I popped across the English Channel from France for six child free days and did six train journeys meeting 32 old faces (well I say ‘old’ but nobody seemed to have aged!)

For me, my uni days at Winchester were the best days ever. It was my first time away from home, oh what freedom! no responsibilities, no curfew, new friends to make and plenty of cheap booze! (which is not the same these days I found out). I know that this was not the same for everyone. First time away from home can be very scary for some. Suddenly being forced to look after yourself, shop and cook, socialize amongst strangers from different backgrounds and be apart from your only known support network.

Eleven of us met in Winchester and what was great was how we could just pick up from where we had left off those many years ago. We exchanged life stories and although we had all been through good and tough times since, we were still ultimately the same people, with the same shining personalities that we had got to know back then.
We walked through our old campus grounds and shared memories of our time there. We laughed at how everything seemed much smaller despite not having literally grown ourselves. I have an awful memory for events (friends and family will vouch for this), but our bodies hold memories too, and since doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) I have become more tuned into my body sensations which can in turn provide the memory of the event. So, when walking around this familiar place it triggered certain sensations. Looking up at the IT building made me hold my breath and I could feel my chest pulsate. This was where I would print out my essays, minutes before they were due in and pray that the printers wouldn’t break down or that my time allowance on the computer wasn’t up before I had finished. As the warm sun shone on my face and I looked at the steep, green bank by the Students Union, my body relaxed as I could remember the last day of term where there was such a feeling of relief, celebration and raising of glasses to a wonderful 3 years. At our old halls of residence we were able to pop into the stair well and the smell was exactly the same. I wouldn’t be able to describe the smell…it was just the smell of our halls!

The last day of my time travel adventure was at Wimborne Folk Festival, which just so happened to be on at the same time I was visiting my old home in Poole. For at least 10 years of my youth I would partake in this fun-filled weekend of exhilarating music and dance. I belonged to an Appalachian Clog Dance Team (what?? I hear you say!) and performed at various festivals (I tapped with my feet in those days rather than tapping with my fingertips on acupressure points like I do now). The group were like my extended family as I was growing up. I was the youngest and had plenty of attention and felt very loved. The same team were there, with old and new members and I was greeted with emotional hugs from those that I used to be close to. As I watched them get ready to go on stage and the musicians tuned up their instruments my body tingled all over with the excitement and nervousness I once used to feel before dancing…oh such a buzz it was.

So, how do I feel about going down memory lane to the best days ever? Well, there may have been a time where I would look back and feel slightly sad about leaving those times behind and that life seemed far easier back then, but now that I have actually been back to those places and re-met the familiar faces, I feel accepting and proud that those times have been part of my life. I like to believe that we are made up of ‘parts’. We are not just a parent, just a friend, a partner, a colleague, an employee etc., we have many roles and we have good times, tough times, we are human with human emotions. These are all parts of us, just as the past is part of us, it is within us in our bodies and we can feel and remember in different ways. This week I have been able to reconnect with that part of me, who I was back then is part of who I am now. And, most importantly I have renewed old friendships bringing my past to the present, friendships that can grow together in the future for more memories to be made. If you get a chance to revisit your best days ever I thoroughly recommend it!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

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