Emotional Freedom Technique: Releasing blocked energies

We are FULL of energy, we are energy and we have it flowing throughout our bodies. We know when we have lots of energy, we feel good, full of life, we could play, dance, sing, work all day long. We know when our energy is running low, when we can’t do any more. Our bodies become heavy, slow, it is hard to concentrate and we don’t want to carry on. When energy levels are low we learn how to replenish it. We may need something to eat, drink or need a proper rest or sleep.

It is perfectly normal to have highs and lows of energy and we can often manage these in healthy ways. However, energy also flows through us, like a stream, and sometimes the flow is restricted and when this happens we can feel a dis-ease, a sense that something isn’t ‘right’. It is a bit like an eddy in a stream whereby a large rock has disrupted the flow of water and the water remains in that one place, swirling around and around and unable to join the flow. If energy is not flowing well, if it becomes blocked then we may suffer physically, mentally and emotionally.

How do these blocked energies occur? If something happens in our environment that we are unable to deal with at the time, if we are unable to fight back or flee or are stopped from showing emotion, then we have become prevented from releasing that energy and it can remain stuck in our bodies. We can then be easily triggered by similar things in our environment and we can over react or become scared when ‘normally’ one wouldn’t be. This can be the cause of anxieties, phobias, aggressive behaviour, low self-esteem and so on. This blocked energy can result in all sorts of physical problems (pain, inability to sleep, restriction of movement, headaches, digestive problems etc.). And, if we don’t feel right, we may turn to things that make us feel better, things that fill an empty hole or masks the internal suffering. People turn to alcohol, smoking, over-eating, over-working, screen addiction and so on. We may not even know or remember an event (or a series of similar events) that happened in our past to have caused these blockages and they can also be blockages inherited through the family line (the subject of inherited emotional baggage is highly interesting!).

How can EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka ‘Tapping’ help? EFT can help release these blockages by gently tapping with your fingertips on some of the energy meridian (acupressure) points on the face and upper body whilst focusing on the intense feeling, thought, emotion, physical sensation, memory or image. Tapping on these points sends signals to the brain allowing the emotional part of the brain (specifically the amygdala) to calm down which then allows the rational part of the brain to make more sense of the feeling, thus making it more manageable and acceptable. Shifting energy changes the way the brain processes information about a particular issue, so tapping, whilst tuned into the issue, is like re-wiring or re-routing the brain’s conditioned negative response. The energy system becomes more balanced and our bodies more able to cope.

When tapping you may become aware of the actual energy shifts taking place. There may be tears, yawning, tingling or other physical sensations. Images may come to mind or a forgotten memory. Some people may not notice anything but that does not mean to say a shift has not been made. It can take just one, or it can take several rounds of tapping to reduce the intensity and after each round something may feel different, or other sensations or images may arise. Tapping does not free you from emotion (which some may assume due to the wording of the technique) but it frees you from the intense suffering and can allow you to live life more fully. It can help for stress, anxiety, cravings, body-image, phobias, self-esteem, relationship problems and general emotional well-being. It can help in the present moment and can help resolve things in the past without having to dig deep and re-visit horrible events. Although EFT is a technique you can learn and practice on yourself it is advisable to have a qualified practitioner to guide you if you are to look at any deep issues. It is important to feel safe and although there are hundreds of general tapping scripts to follow on YouTube they are not designed for you personally, as only you know what your feelings are after each round of tapping.

So, if you feel a dis-ease in life, if its not flowing as well as you would like, then give EFT a try, tap those blockages away and let the energy flow!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

For more information into how EFT could help your Good Health and for a free 20 minute chat via Skype or Zoom please email melodylovell123@gmail.com. Take a look at my facebook page which offers advice and support to those wanting to use the technique to maintain good health. https://www.facebook.com/melodylovell/

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