‘In This Moment’, by Melody Lovell

In this moment, I hear an orchestra playing in the skies, a myriad of melodies near and far and in all directions. A loud silence and a peaceful noise.

In this moment, I feel the rise and fall of my chest. My breath as it goes in and out, rolling back and forth like a gentle wave on the sea shore.
I feel electricity dancing throughout my body, an endless flow with no boundaries or restrictions. Vitality, visible in my veins.

In this moment, I see a glorious piece of art. It is not a blur of different colours, nor of shapes blended together. It is a creation of vast detail. Defined. Deep, and alive.

In this moment, I feel the presence of my loved ones. They are my family, my friends, my wise teachers. Tenderly they touch me with their warm smiles and grace me with their love. This, I sense so deeply.

In this moment, I also acknowledge the fear within, like I’ve swallowed a black hole. But, if I hold it with compassion and kindness, like I would hold a new born baby, it need not possess me. Uncertainty is certain. Abnormality is normal. This moment is not the past of how it was, nor the future of how it will be. It is THIS moment, which is real and which is true.

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