‘In This Moment’, by Melody Lovell

In this moment, I hear an orchestra playing in the skies, a myriad of melodies near and far and in all directions. A loud silence and a peaceful noise. In this moment, I feel the rise and fall of my chest. My breath as it goes in and out, rolling back and forth like a... Continue Reading →

Fears and Phobias: Releasing the fear from within using EFT

What fills you with fear? What are the triggers? Does that fear actually belong to you and how can you ever be freed from it? We all know what it feels like to have fear. A holding of breath, a pounding heart, sweating, a racing pulse, trembling or feeling frozen stiff. A panic about not... Continue Reading →

A Basic Guide to Tapping

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka 'Tapping' can be used for anxieties, stress, food cravings, self-esteem, habits, phobias, physical symptoms and much more. Learn this simple yet highly effective technique with this Basic Guide.

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