A Basic Guide to Tapping

There are the BIG things in life that we really struggle with (pain, loss, stress, illness, relationship problems and so on) but there are also the ‘little’ things that just ‘get’ to us and perhaps on a fairly regular basis. Maybe its people jumping the queue in the supermarket or someone accidently-on-purpose dropping a piece of litter. It could be the really uncomfortable furniture in a waiting room or a particular sound you can’t stand. Wouldn’t it be great if these things didn’t bother you anymore? If you are new to tapping then this is a good place for you to try the technique, rather than tapping on the BIG issues first. You can of course use tapping at any time for reducing intensities in the present moment (anxiety, fear, physical sensations etc) but if you want to tap on an issue, it is advisable to start small or work with a qualified practitioner.

This is a BASIC guide on how to do Tapping. There are variations to the method. Some practitioners may use less or more acupressure points and they may tap in a different order. The diagram shows the points you tap with two or three fingertips. It does not matter if you tap the right side of your body, or the left, a mixture of the two, or tap on both sides at the same time. What ever feels comfortable for you.

The Points (please refer to the diagram):

The ‘side-of-the-hand’ (SOH) point (the only point not indicated on the diagram) is at the side of your hand below your pinky finger. This is where we begin to tap and tune in to the issue. This could be a feeling, physical sensation, an emotion, an image or a memory. Here, when we tap we say the Balancing Statement three times. Then, we tap on the other points. This can be between 10 and 15 gentle taps per point, starting from the top of the head (TH), to the start of the eyebrow (EB), to the side-of-eye (SE), to below the eye (BE), to below the nose (BN), to on the chin, below the lower lip (BL), to both the collar bone points (CB) and finishing on the side of the body, under the arm (UA). This is where your bra strap would be, that is, if you wear one! When tapping on these points we say a reminder phrase which is just two or three words to do with the issue or feeling.

The Balancing Statement:

The balancing statement which you say, starts with an “Even though”, followed by your words explaining specifically but in brief how you are feeling. For example, “I am so angry when he lets go of the litter”, or, “my body is so tight and I can feel my heart beat fast” or, “I just want to scream”. You then end the statement with “I love and accept myself anyway” or, if this does not feel right to say, just say “right now, I’m actually okay”. You say this statement three times whilst tapping the side-of-the-hand point (SOH).

What ‘number’ are you?

The term is SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress) but basically it is a way of noticing how intense you are feeling on a scale of zero to ten. A zero is when you are calm and have no intensity at all and a ten is where you are extremely intense…. it could not get any higher! Before you start tapping on the SOH and saying the balancing statement note down your number. If you don’t know a number just make a guess. After the round of tapping take a breath, tune in to yourself and note what number you are now. The number could stay the same, it could go up or it could go down. If the number has not gone down then more rounds of tapping is needed. It is important to get really specific to what it is ‘like’ in your body and if you have a new sensation or feeling then tap on that too.

Lets try it:

Choose something that gets on your nerves, imagine a situation that you come across every now and then where you experience some kind of annoyance, a moment where you find you have to grit your teeth for example, where you want to say what you feel to the offender/s or situation but you just cant. I suggest you stay away from situations that involve your family because, well, its your family and that can be a bit more complicated and more difficult to resolve without the presence of an experienced practitioner.
The example below is of someone who gets really peeved off by someone jumping the queue at the supermarket, but tap on your issue and use your own words in relation to what you are feeling or noticing.

What is your issue? Where do you feel it in your body? Note down your number of intensity.
And Tap:

SOH “Even though, I get so cross when I see someone jumping the queue, that I clench my teeth and my fists, I love and accept myself anyway” (or “right now I’m actually okay”). Repeat the phrase three times whilst tapping.
TH “someone jumping the queue”
EB “so cross”
SE “clenching my teeth”
BE “clenching my fists”
BN “someone jumping the queue”
BL “so cross”
CB “clenching my teeth”
UA “clenching my fists”

Take a long, deep breath, tune in to how you feel now; how cross are you? how clenched are your teeth and fists? Perhaps you have noticed something different, a new emotion or a new physical sensation. Note what number you are now?

Do more rounds of tapping until you feel you are no longer intense about the situation. Tap on any new sensations or feelings until they have decreased. Test yourself by imagining being in that situation. The biggest test will obviously be when you find yourself in that situation. If any intensities come to the surface at that moment then you can tap on it there and then….it might even get you to the front of the queue (lol!)
Please ensure you drink water during and/or after tapping. You could team up with a friend and try it together. You will both receive benefits from tapping on one another’s issues.

You may find that a tapping session has not only helped you in that bothersome situation but has helped you in regards to your reactions to other things in life too.
Please get in touch with me to tell me your experience of a self-tapping session. If you have any concerns or if you feel it didn’t get you any relief then why don’t you book in a personal session with me via Skype and we will do the tapping together. I can help you get more specific, we may add some extra tapping points and we will go at your own pace. Email me: melodylovell123@gmail.com Visit my website for more details: http://www.melodylovell.com/ and check out my facebook page where I offer advice and support to those who want to maintain and develop their own Good Health: https://www.facebook.com/melodylovell

Thank you for reading and have a Beautiful Day!

Melody x

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